Internet Marketing Lead Follow Up Tips

Many people get into internet marketing to avoid having to actually deal with real people.  While it is possible to earn income online without ever conversing with someone live, the reality is that your life will be MUCH harder if you choose this path.

Internet Marketing business owners must stay conscious of the fact that even though we’re working on the computer, we are still dealing with real people doing real business.  And business is all about developing relationships with your customers and partners regardless of your business model.

internet-marketing-lead-follow-upSo just come to grips that your internet marketing business is a REAL business.  And in real, legitimate business, you must work with people.

Now, there are many ways to leverage technology to do this, but just remember at the other end of the email or FB post is a real person.  Just make all your communication online exactly as you would if you were talking face-to-face with someone, and you’ll be on the right track.

Now watch this video that give you some simple, yet extremely valuable Internet Marketing Lead Follow Up Tips that you can use even if you’re brand new to internet marketing.

Watch the video now:

>> Click Here – 3 Simple Internet Marketing Lead Follow Up Tips <<<

Lead Follow Up doesn’t require an email list, authority blog, or any major internet marketing infrastructure.  You can simply interact with people on social media to generate leads online.  Then use the tips in the video above to do your  Internet Marketing Lead Follow Up to increase sales funnel conversions and MLM opportunity sign-ups.

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The Pomodoro Technique Review – Increase Your Productivity By 300%

The Pomodoro Technique Review

The Pomodoro Technique is a method that can significantly increase your work productivity.  It is especially beneficial to us online marketers.  Have you every been sitting at your computer working online and suddenly became extremely hungry?  Only to discover that you’ve been staring at your computer for over 6 hours and missed dinner…  Then you looked back over your now wasted work time for your online business at what you accomplished – it ended up being a lot of bouncing around to different sites going from one task to another without any concentrated focused effort at completing 1 task to completion.

You worked a bunch.  You also worked really hard.  But you didn’t accomplish any 1 single task that could yield profits in your business.  We call these money-making tasks.  They’re simply actions you take on a daily basis that will directly lead to sales or sign-ups in your online business.

In this Pomodoro Technique Review video, I’ll show you how you can change that – starting today!

Go ahead and watch this video now:

>>>The Pomodoro Technique Review & Application<<<


Once you apply this simple yet powerful technique I know you’ll have a much more productive day at the home office…

I challenge you to review the Pomodoro Technique.  Implement it every day for one week.  Track your results.  I’d be suprised if you didn’t get more work done, accomplish the tasks you set for that work period, and actually feel better physically afterward…

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Do You Really Need Online Marketing Mentorship?

If you don’t think you need Online Marketing Mentorship then you’re only kidding yourself. Having a mentor is crucial no matter what type of business you’re running. You could own a landscaping business like I used to have, and you’d still need a mentor.

It doesn’t matter.

Without one you’ll only achieve mediocre results at best.


Here’s a few things that having a mentor will do for your business…

1. It’ll reduce the amount of time you spend learning all this technical online marketing stuff. I mean seriously, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone sit down with you at your computer and tell you exactly what to do? Go to this website. Click over there. Now open that in a new browser, etc. I know I’ve spent countless hours just trying to get comfortable at setting up WordPress, or even creating blog posts (not counting the actual time it took to write them). A mentor can tremendously reduce this learning curve for you.

2. A mentor will also save you a LOT of money. How so? Your probably thinking “yeah, but it usually costs me an arm and a leg to hire an online marketing mentor.” I hear where you’re coming from, but when you INVEST in yourself and your business by finding some online mentorship, you will actually save money overall.

Imagine that you’re attempting to send some “paid with money” traffic to your sales funnel. And lets’ say you’ve investing in an online course that cost you $297. It was a good quality traffic course that taught you the concepts and the technical side of getting the traffic – let’s just say it’s YouTube Pay-per-view for example.

So, you go set up your ads, your budget, and get everything all set up. Now you start running the ads….this is where the fun starts… You get crappy results (typical in the beginning), but you don’t really know what to tweak first, so you pick the headline (like the course taught), and you keep running the ad and split testing. All the while, you’re spending money to run these tests. It could cost you several hundred dollars in ad spend before you finally get a decent ad. But, if you had a mentor – someone experienced in YouTube Pay-Per-View, he could tell you how to tweak the ads, what kind of copywriting words to use, how to make the videos better, etc.

It would literally save you hundreds in ad spend (not to mention the time it took to do the testing), and a whole lot of anxiety! Is this ad gonna work? What if I can’t get it to convert? I’ll be out tons of time and money with nothing to show for it!!!

You starting to see why having a coach is a good idea?

3. Without a mentor you just couldn’t do it. Let’s face it. Sometimes there is stuff you just wouldn’t be capable of doing or even think about doing (like building a sales funnel or trying mobile marketing for traffic) without someone to guide you. This is especially true in the internet marketing arena. There’s everything from merchant accounts, to websites to squeeze pages to copywriting….I could go on and on with this. Hopefully by now you’re starting to see the need for mentorship in your online business. These are just 3 good reasons to have a coach, but there are many more.

I just wanna add one more thing…

If you take a look at EVERY online entrepreneur that is earning 6-figures I can tell you one thing they all have in common – They ALL have at least one strong mentor who has helped them achieve that level of online marketing success.

Reread that last thought. And then try to justify not having a mentor.

As far as mentoring goes, I’ve got a great resource for you. It’s a free report that will reveal your true level of expertise in your online marketing business. It’s a short read, but don’t let the brevity fool you.  Once I understood the concepts I’ll be discussing with you my business changed overnight.

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Do You Fear The Unknown?

Do You Fear The Unkown In Your Online Marketing Business?

I’m talking about getting off the fence and taking the plunge to go all-in and start taking action in your business.  There are so many newbies online that literally spend thousands of dollars taking courses, joining different companies, and signing up for tons of different email lists trying to “figure out” how to make money online.

Well if I just described you (even a little bit) then this article is for you.  And if you want to be honest with yourself, I’d be willing to bet that you have done this at one point in your online marketing business.

You’ve let your fear stop you from taking action and making money with your online marketing business.

There are a few types of fears.

You may suffer from the fear of failure.  This means that you’re afraid that if you put a lot of time, money, and effort into a certain marketing strategy or business plan and it doesn’t work then you’ll have wasted these resources in a vain attempt at success.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Any time you take action to move toward a goal it is nothing but success.  Even if you don’t achieve that goal, you’ll have learned something.  You’ll know what didn’t work.  Thomas Edison failed at over 10,000 attempts to create the light bulb.  But you know what?  He kept failing until he found the 1 way that worked.

Now, you will never have to make 10,000 attempts at making money online.  There are so many excellent courses and training programs online that work.  You only have to pick a good one and stick with it.  Keep working hard and taking action toward your marketing goal on a consistent daily basis, and you’ll make money.  Really.  You just need to get off the fence and get to work.

What about the fear of success?  Many people have this fear.  It comes from a lack of self-esteem usually.  You think you’re not worthy of making $10,000 per month at your online business. So you don’t take consistent action.  Or as soon as you start to make progress toward your goal, you sabotage yourself.  This fear puts doubt in your mind.  As soon as you make your first sale, you get off track and find another opportunity for example.  This is due to the fear of success.  If you made your first sale doing a particular marketing strategy, then why the hell wouldn’t you just do more of that??

Fear of Success…..that’s why.

That’s what makes online marketing so exciting…..The Unkown.

Tomorrow you might meet someone or learn a new marketing tactic/strategy that changes your business.  It’s awesome.  But don’t keep jumping around from strategy to strategy.  Pick a solid online marketing strategy and stick with it until you’ve mastered it.  That means you’re making at least $1000 per month from it (if you wanted a metric to track :).

How do you know when you’ve found a solid marketing strategy?

Good question.  You’ll need to find someone (a coach or a mentor) that you trust.  Let him or her guide you toward a marketing strategy that’s right for you.  The thing is that there are many solid ways to drive traffic to offers and make money online.  You need to find one that you can do, that suits your personality, and that you enjoy doing.

I’m not an naturally social person.  So, social media is not really my strong point.  However, I really enjoy testing and tracking, etc.  I also am very left-brain orientated.  That means “paid with money” traffic is right up my alley.  You’ll have to figure out which strategy is right for you, and then just get to work.

Are you just starting out with your online marketing business?  If so, you should read this FREE report that I’m offering.  It’ll reveal the truth about starting an online marketing business.

It’s titled “Destroy Information Overload For Good, And Start Making Consistent Money Online…”  It’s a short read, but you’re gonna get a ton of value from it.  Click Here to get it ==>

To Embracing The Unkown!

Online Marketing Coach


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How To Build Your List Using Facebook

Build Your List Using Facebook – Very Effective Marketing

Ok, today I’m gonna show you a super simple way to build your list using Facebook.  Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms out there – it’s definitely the most popular at any rate. There really are tons of ways to generate leads and build your list using facebook.  But today, I wanna just give you a very simple, yet effective method to get the job done….

Using Pics to Build Your List Using Facebook

Hopefully, you’re familiar with posting images on Facebook…if not, check out this brief video to learn how:

If you didn’t watch that video then do it now…

In the video I explained how you can “sneak” your link to a squeeze page into your image posts.

Now Build Your List Using Facebook!

The purpose of using images as facebook posts while including your squeeze page link is to get your posts to go viral.  The more times your image (that includes a link to your squeeze page) gets shared the more people see your link, click it, and opt into your list!

When you build your list using Facebook, be sure to follow the 80/20 rule!  That means 80% pure value in your content and 20% promotion.  If you place your links on every image you’ll be labeled (and blacklisted) as a spammer.  This is HUGE – especially on Facebook.  People hate spammers on FB, you never want that to happen to you.  If you practice the 80/20 rule you’ll be good to go.

Where To Post When Building Your List Using Facebook

You can post you images in a few different places on Facebook…..

1.  Your Wall

2.  Your Facebook Page – This is probably the best way to build your list using Facebook.  The more fans you have the higher chance that your posts will go viral…. which equals huge leads!

3.  Facebook Groups In Your Niche – be sure not to SPAM!

You can post the same image to multiple places too.  So if you belong to like 5-10 groups, have a wall, and have a page then you could easily reach a few thousand people on every post. (Depending on how many fans, friends, etc you have)   I recommend joining a bunch of groups if you’re just starting out.  This is the fastest way to reach a large audience to build your list using Facebook.

Always Use A Call To Action In Your Image Posts…

check out this example of one of my posts….

Build Your List Using Facebook















That’s it!

Oh, one other thing.  Be sure that you have the rights to the images you use.  Facebook is a stickler on copyright infringement – especially for business promotion.  Just Google “free stock images” or “free stock photos” and you find tons of public domain images you can use.

Now go take action and build your list using Facebook!

Steve Dooley


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