Brad Duncan – The Secret Weapon The Great Amway Leader Uses Build A Huge Downline

Have you ever wondered how the heck a normal guy like Brad Duncan is able to build a huge organization?

We’ve all head these success stories that happen in every mlm business model.  Over the years I have seen many motivational speakers like Brad Duncan.  They all have their strengths and weaknesses.  Some are funny while others are very passionate.  Everyone has their own style.

Brad Duncan has become a huge Amway leader over the years using his biggest attribute.  Brad can “paint a dream” like no other person in the mlm industry.  He describes a vision in such great detail that his audience cannot help but see it themselves.  He had a huge dream for his life.  Many people have dreams, but his was so well defined that it became a crystal clear vision.

Brad Duncan didn’t become a huge Amway leader overnight.  Like many mlm leaders he struggled for a long time in the beginning of his career with Amway back in the 80’s.  Brad started out with a big dream.  He also started his business with his brother Greg.  They lived together in the beginning stages of his Amway career.  I think that they talked about their dreams to each other just about every day.  This is probably what got the dreams so focused they became a vision.

How To Be Like Brad Duncan

If you want to be the next Brad Duncan in Amway or any other mlm business, you must learn to do what Brad and Greg did.  They were failing forward like every successful mlm leader has done.  Anyone can do this just follow some rules that 98% of people don’t do.

Let’s define the difference between a dream and a vision.  A dream is a vague idea or wish while a vision is a crystal clear picture you can see.  I mean down to the last detail.

That’s what Brad has done.  He talked about and thought about his dream every day.  Each time the picture got a little clearer.  They clearer the dream becomes the closer it is to a vision.  When you can see the vision then you begin to believe it can happen for you.

Case Study:  How Brad Duncan Displays Leadership

Let’s say you have the dream of financial independence.  This is a common goal for many in the mlm industry.  We all want to retire early and enjoy a great lifestyle.  The problem is that’s where most stop with the visioning process.  They then go and start building a mlm business striving to reach this goal.  After they dive into all of the details of building an online mlm business they lose sight of the dream.

The dream must become a crystal clear vision to reach high levels of achievement.  What does financial independence mean to you?  How much will your net worth have to be? What is the monthly income needed to reach this goal?  What will your daily life look like?  What cool stuff will you buy?  Focus the dream into a vision.

If you want to be like Brad Duncan start leading by example and achieving your goals.  To do this you must crystallize your dream into a vision.  After you have a vision for your future then you can take action.  Most people run out of warm market leads soon after starting.  Getting new warm leads becomes a major challenge for most at this point.

If you want to start dominating your business like Brad Duncan does you’ll need to become a mlm leader like Brad.

How do you accomplish this?

It’s simple.

You become a person that has value to offer others.  You go learn some skills.  In this case you’ll need to learn some internet marketing skills.  Once you’ve learned a new skill you have increased your value.  You can now share this with your prospects.  They will automatically view you as a leader because you have value to offer them.  This is exactly what Brad Duncan has done offline.  He struggled for a long time to build his business and in the process developed some skills.  He was then able to teach this stuff to his prospects and team.

So many network marketers struggle to make it online.  This is not because there is a lack of information out there.  It’s actually the exact opposite.

Many go from one marketing course to another and never really master any of the fundamentals needed to market online effectively.  The result is very few leads coming in and no money.  Eventually they get information overload which leads to frustration which leads to them quitting and saying online marketing is not for them.

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