Protandim Side Effects – How Do They Effect This Network Marketing Opportunity?


Before we talk about the Protandim side effects we must get a general understanding of the product and it’s intended benefits for consumers.


Protandim is an all-natural antioxidant supplement.  It’s purpose is to reduce the number of free radicals in your body.  Free-radicals are the leading cause of a number of long-term diseases.  Free-radicals also cause inflammation both internally and externally.  This inflammation leads to thing like atherosclerosis, and Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS).  It comes in a pill.  The claim of the product is that the proprietary herbal blend contained in Protandim activates enzymes in the body to help you naturally boost your immune system as well as giving you antioxidants.  These antioxidants neutralize free radicals in your system.  The bottom line.  It’s supposed to greatly reduce your chances of cancer, diabetes, heart attack, arthritis, and the list goes on.

Protandim Side EffectsWhat are the Protandim Ingredients then?

I got these right off  This is the most detailed information I could find.  The amounts of their proprietary blend are unknown, hence the term proprietary…..

The following is a list of Protandim ingredients:

Proprietary Blend 675 mg:

  • Milk thistle extract (Silybum marianum) (seed)
  • Bacopa extract (Bacopa monnieri) (aerial part)
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) (root)
  • Green tea extract (Camellia sinensis) (leaf)
  • Turmeric extract (Curcuma longa) (rhizome)

Additional ingredients: Calcium, Croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, modified cellulose, silica, stearic acid.
Protandim is 100% Vegetarian – Free of Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Gelatin and Yeast.

Now on to the Protandim Side Effects:

Protandim claims very few side effects.  It is said by the company that most people will have no trouble taking the supplement.  If you have allergies to any of the Protandim ingredients then obviously this supplement may not be for you.

Other than allergies, the only other Protandim side effects were as follows:

  • Stomach Ache
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Rash on hands or feet

If you’ve heard any of the medication commercials on TV then this list is actually very minor in comparison.  The company did state that some people who experienced these symptoms were able to take a half dose and continue supplementation.  Also, these symptoms ceased after stopping Protandim.

What Impact Will These Protandim Side Effects Have On The Network Marketing Side Of Things?

All in all the side effects of the Protandim supplement probably won’t have much effect on the business.  I have not extensively researched their compensation plan.  If it is a decent comp plan then there shouldn’t be a hindrance from the product side.  However, I will say this.  There are a ton of Network Marketing companies that deal with the health industry – specifically health supplementation.  Every one of them claims to have the new “cure for cancer.”  Whether or not the Protandim product is legit is not the question.  Rather, how will you as a Protandim rep differentiate yourself from all this competition?

Well, the answer to that question is simple.  You must become a person offering huge value to others.  That’s why I’ve created this blog and written these articles – to help others succeed online.

So, if you’ve been struggling to build your business online trying this course and that one in hopes of your big break through, well forget it.  The magic bullet doesn’t exist.  Following that path will lead you to INFORMATION OVERLOAD and will essentially paralyze you.  That means you end up spending tons of cash with nothing to show for it.

It is my passion to help other online marketers succeed.  And that is why I’ve written a special report that will reveal the truth about what it takes to make it online.  It will reveal the “missing link” in your business and teach you exactly how to start making consistent money online with your Protandim Opportunity once and for all.

The best part – you can apply what you learn in the report to YOUR Protandim business!  (Oh, did I forget to mention it’s FREE)


To your success online!

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91 thoughts on “Protandim Side Effects – How Do They Effect This Network Marketing Opportunity?”

  1. I went to a meeting yesterday and it bored the hell out of me. I also got a bottle from a friend, so I am going to try it. However, I am a skeptic and didn’t believe a word that the person doing the meeting one bit.

    1. Hey Harrison, it is hard to say whether or not Protandim is legit. Like all supplements on the market today it is not regulated by the FDA. From all my findings it doesn’t seem to be harmful however. Maybe it’s worth trying a bottle and see if you get any results?

      Thanks for the comment.


        1. Harrison,

          It is too bad to hear you were board at a meeting/presentation. Keep this in mind: Not everyone will “click” with everyone else. Some presenters are better than others, etc. I have seen people who have just the right energy, they could sell soil to a snail. That particular meeting should not be a reflection on the company or product, but on that presenter in your eyes alone. I am a distributor and all my meetings are short (1 hour) informative, interactive and all participants stay afterward with questions, etc. If you think you might want to get involved with the company, join with a team or person who fits your personality.

      1. A friend of mine asked me to try protandim. I was very skeptical, basically, you name it, I tried it. you see, I have a brain tumor that I’ve lived with for 7 years. It causes severe headaches that I must live with. The pain meds perscribed to me, after taking it for so long and so much, caused major stomache issues. Well, only after three weeks of protandim, I’ve been off of all stomache and pain meds for almost three months now. I don’t know yet if it has shrunk the tumor yet, I’m due for a mri in a few months.

  2. You asked how Protandim reps can stand out in a sea of health products. My answer is science. There are 23 universities and medical organizations doing studies with Protandim. It has studies published in scientific and medical journals. There are 8 peer reviewed studies that are published at the website. This website is a neutral non biased platform for publishing peer reviewed bio medical research. It is a search-able website. Search for Protandim and you will find the 8 studies. Protandim stands out because of the verifiable science that has been conducted by independent organizations such as Ohio State, Louisiana State and Harvard Medical School to name a few.

    1. The studies are biased as all have the stink of a major shareholder on them (McCord). There has been NO independent research to date. Most of the research was published in an on-line access Journal with a very poor reputation for bulk publishing. The product itself is likely harmless but not worth $50 for 30 pills. You can buy the same ingredients retail for substantially less $$$.

  3. I am new to using Protandim…not sure what my thoughts and feelings are yet. I feel great for the most part, but I feel like my anti-depressant has stopped working??? I have concerns about that. The good thing is all my knee pain has gone away and I do feel more energetic. Does anyone know if there are side effects that interfer with anti-depressants?

    1. Great question. I didn’t find anything regarding that in my research of Protandim…I’d probably check with my Protandim rep and see if they can get you some answers.

  4. Stay skeptical. There may be 8 university studies on PubMed, and though peer reviewed, that doesn’t prove they are strong studies, or prove any of the claims being made. I am always skeptical of someone stretching the truth to make a buck.

    An example, they say protandim is good for pulmonary hypertension. The study done in that area studied the effects protandim ingredients had on the right ventricle of the heart, which was somewhat favorable. However, they artificially created pulmonary hypertension and no where did they study the effects it had on the causes of pulmonary hypertension, just the right hearts modest response to it. Not quite the same.

    Also, the study on muscular dystrophy is another example. Even though it improved the markers of antioxidant activity, it did not show any difference in the effect on improving muscle function…the ultimate outcome measurement. Again, stretching the truth to sell something.

    It may not hurt you, but then again is it worth your money, and why can’t you get it at your local store? $$$$

    1. According to my knowledge Protandim sat on the drugstore shelf for 7 years and people just were’nt aware of it. If it’s on a shelf they have to make commercials to bring people’s attention to it. Then the company decided to sell it via network marketing.

      1. That’s similar to the info I found Peggy. They simply found that network marketing would be a much more cost effective and efficient way to market their product. Thanks for your comment.

    2. Protandim is a new name. Was previously known as CMX-1152 but most had no knowledge of it. Protandim is not the only product that activates the nfr2. However, Lifevantage has the rights to the gene activator.

  5. Im 80 yrs old and it took some time before i felt any efect but now i feel a 100 times better .energy is up dizzyness has stoped and i no longer take blood sugar pills . i do still take thyroid med harold

      1. I have Epstein barr and RA. At 44, I am sick of being sick and in pain. I am on my 2nd bottle of this. I have not gotten sick yet and feeling better and more energize each day.
        My mother has no pain in her hands from one bottle. My uncle has parkinsons and after 3 bottles his blood test came back today as he getting better. How is that?
        I am not sure but I am going to give this 6 months and will test again for my epstein barr and RA to see if it helps me. So far I have no side effects of any kind.

        1. i am on month 2 of protandim and i have more energy, my memory is so much better and my mood is the better than is has been since 1985 very impressed my self

          1. The true beauty of representing Protandim lies in a steady stream of testimonies from folks who couldn’t care less that there is a business-opportunity associated with Protandim. Story after story of antidotal experiences of perceived bettered conditions of a staggering diversity of internal and external “issues”. There is no real scientific evidence for some of these stories, which include sugar and cholesterol and even better teeth, gums and nails. But I have never heard one that has a person becoming worse-off than before continued use. People buy it for friends who don’t believe enough to spend their own $40 per month, just because of the experiences they insist they have had. Dogs and cats know nothing of “placebo effect”. Customers have given Protandim to pets that they love better than themselves and become users themselves because of the changes they have witnessed in “Fluffy,” who can now get back on the couch or make it up the stairs for the first time in months or years. Can Protandim do all this? No!
            It merely turns on your own cells to make the stuff that historically is credited with keeping our own bodies healthy but most of our bodies slow down in making too early in a life that should last a lot more healthy years than most do.
            I now have over 625 “stories” who will never stop taking it.

  6. I’ve been taking Protandim for several months and have been experiencing SEVERE joint pains. I
    Stopped taking it and I felt better in a few days. I took one pill yesterday and all my issues came back!!


      1. I get the extreme joint pain, but within the hour it is completely gone. I would like to think it is repairing something! I’ve taken pain meds and nothing takes this pain away, so feeling it for about an hour after I take the pill, is better then nothing.

  7. Heya i?m for the first time here. I found this board and I in finding It truly helpful & it helped me out much. I am hoping to present something again and aid others such as you aided me.

  8. I’ve been taking ProTandim for about 10 days. I have noticed a number of changes, all good. Mainly, my energy level is way better. I’m fairly healthy anyway, but I also notice that I’m sleeping better and some minor joint pain from arthritis is much improved. I’ve experienced no side effects that I can see thus far. I say the jury is still out on this, because there is such a thing as the placebo effect, but if this keeps up, I will definitely continue taking it.

    1. I feel the same too. I like to keep in shape and sometimes I get that occasional mild pain on the heels of my left foot. Well, I have not noticed any since taking Protandim.

  9. i heard that protandim is good for migranes. has anyone tried it for migranes? i’ve tried other natural products but nothing has worked.

    1. I hate migraines. I am one of those who once had them every month for many years. I suspected that it had something to do with free radicals. I bought a bottle of supplement that scavenges free radical and used it for one year. What I experienced while I was getting detoxified was unbelievable. Today, there is zero pain to report. There is no such thing as ibuprofen in my book of health. Don’t want to hear it! With Protandim, it is more than a free radical scavenger. Headaches is one of many types of chronic illness and I know Protandim will work against it.

  10. As in all MLM approaches, work is required. You reap what you sow.

    It’s odd that most people do not question what their doctors (non-scientists) give them but when a medical scientist like Dr McCord says it is better than vitamin C & E people continue to roll their eyes.

    One of the best things of being in the US is that you will find people with great ideas. MLM is a great idea. Protandim wasn’t moving, so why not let the common people get a piece of the pie?

    People who can’t use it because of side effects do not affect Protandim’s effectiveness. If too many people are affected negatively than it is fair to say, remove it.

  11. I am still in the “researching ingredients” before I buy, and I heard about it from a friend of mine whom is a girl with many, many medical problems and she tells me she is 100% better, after using Protandim. I have found this forum to be extremely helpful and will continue my research before I try this product. I still maintain that a healthy diet of 100% Organic unrefined foods, or antibiotic, growth hormone and pesticide free foods will help one stay healthy and avoid cancer, diabetes and etc. We are what we eat and I truly believe that the human body was NOT designed to ingest chemicals including pharmaceuticals. Read the labels on your food you purchase at the major super markets, scary, scary, scary. My theory being that as we pour all this crap called food into our bodies, the body tries to rid itself of the chemicals and eventually, being over run with this stuff, creates cancers, diabetes and all kinds of other diseases, not being able to eliminate the chemicals. Does anyone know what Flouride is? Yes, toxic waste from china labeled Flouride and sold to the US as a water treatment to help fight cavities. All I have stated is researchable. Think about it folks, we need to take back our health and rid the earth of the people whom prey on us for the almighty $$$, as they care less about
    us and only about the money.

    1. Please do keep researching the product. I do agree that we ingest more toxins than we want to know about. Depending on where we live just going for a walk is dangerous. The supplements are known anti- inflamitories or anti- oxidants. Let us know what you find out.

    2. Bobi:
      You are correct in that we all need to educate ourselves on the GMO issue vs organic healthy food, because we are indeed what we eat. When we eat the GMO foods, it taxes our immune system and then disease does occur.
      Which is why I sent several inquiries to the Protandim people including one of their reps. No one could answer these questions: What’s the ORAC level of this product 2) What is the source of 2 your 5 ingredients -Tumeric & Ashwaganda (India) and do you know if the farms being used are 100 certified organic or not. 3) If sourced form India- who is supplying the seeds? If it is Monsanto- then there is a HUGE problem with your sources. As of today no one at the company has answered my question (2-29 2012). Their founder states that their product gets into your DNA to help you – BUT NOT IF ITS GOT GENETICALLY MODIFIED TUMERIC, ASWAGANDA & MILK THISTLE that are from Gentically Engineered seeds. The source of the seeds in their product needs to be made clearer. It would be a service to their customers to relay this information.
      Where do the ingredients come from and how is it farmed/grown? Who is supplying the seeds? Google the Monsanto issues with farmers in India to see the rest of the “iceberg”…

    1. Christie, I hope you continued to take the Pro-T. I had the same experience. I noticed the onset of my headache always occurred shortly after I took my pill. I believe that it was caused by a “detox” that my body was undergoing as a result. However, take it at night, and make sure you are drinking plenty of water w/ a slice of lemon. This will help your body flush out the toxins. After a couple of weeks it should subside. By week 6 I felt fine and can now take it in the AM w/breakfast and a glass of water. My energy level has soared!

  12. I have been on Protandim for six weeks. Was on four heavy pain meds a day for the past 20 to 30 years, I have 3 purple hearts from Viet Nam, was hit while riding a bicycle in Hawaii when I was 24, while working as a Bricklayer I had a piece of metal fall 15 stories and hit me in my lower back. I am do for a hip replacement, but since being on Protandim I have more energy than I have had in over 20 years. Called off my hip injection that I was do for. I have experienced everything good. Sorry to those that have allergies to Protandim. I will never be off of it the rest of my life. Just ask Montel Williams, if he would get off of it again.

  13. A good friend told me that his eye doctor’s exam revealed 60% less cholesterol deposits in his eye membranes after taking Protandim. Just had it tested on my body by the very precise ETA machine by a pharmacist and it registered a 22% improvement in my body function with the supplement. Will order soon.

    1. If you do not have a distributor please contact me. I would be thrilled to help you get started on the amazing product. There is also a Anti-Aging cream called TrueScience. If you haven’t seen the ABC Primetime Investigative Report let me know and I will send you a link.

      1. Thanks, Barbara. We started getting the Protandim from a friend who is a distributor – we’ll be going through him when we get our business started.

        Update – if anyone read my Sept 17 post –
        no more pain. Won’t stop taking it again, I promise.

  14. I’ve been on protandim for about 16 months.

    I’m a disabled vet – had multiple injuries in the Marines in the 70’s which resulted in degenerative disc disease in my cervical spine with chronic strain in the neck and also degenerative disc disease in my dorsal spine with chronic strain and limited motion and ac joint degenerative disease in my shoulders.

    I started taking Protandim about 16 months ago and before long (maybe 3 or 4 weeks), I quit taking my pain medications all together. I didn’t think about it being Protandim, I just thought I was doing better – having a good period of no pain.

    Then, about two months ago I stopped taking Protandim because of cash flow – The pain came back and I made an appointment with the V.A. doctor. (He prescribed more pain medication.)

    Three weeks ago I started back on the Protandim and the pain is fading – almost gone again. The pain medication is in the medicine cabinet.

    Once I realized that the pain coming back coincided with my stopping the Protandim, I decided to post this for others to see.

    If it has nothing to do with Protandim, I couldn’t tell you what and why it’s happening – but it is.

    I’m not a distributor, but with this amazing story, (amazing to me and my wife) we are beginning to study the business.

    Hope this helps somebody.

  15. My husband and have been on protandim over 2 weeks. The first week I did experience some minor stomach cramps and loose stools.
    However my energy has increased and sleeping more sound. No longer feel the need for a nap in the middle of the after noon, and normally by this time of year I would be taking allergy meds. and using cortisone nose spray. I have not had to use any allergy meds. yet.
    My husband is on 3 meds. plavix, crestor, and a blood pressure med. He has more energy and is sleeping better. Will post his next blood profile in a couple of months. Believing that protandim will help to lower his. colesterol

  16. I have very high blood pressure and been taking 3 kinds of medicines but it’s still not much lower. Would Protandim work for me? Any answer will be greatly appreciated.

  17. I started taking Protandim by a recommendation from a retail sales rep. Within hours I had diarrhea like you can’t believe. I travel a lot to the developing world, and assumed that I picked up some bad food. While out of the country on my next trip, I didn’t take Protandim with me and the stomach issues subsided. Got back a couple days ago, took another Protandim and WAMMO! Diarrhea like before. Thanks guys, but not worth it!!! My recommendation is to stay away…

  18. I started taking this and Sensa at the same time but have been getting a stomache ache and some cramping. Also going to the bathroom more often, and more of an urge for water. Drinking soda gives me even more of sick feeling since. Have not know which is giving me the symptoms so i stopped the protamdim and the symptoms seem to have gone away. I think i will try cutting them in half because I’d love to get the good results everyone else seems to be getting.

  19. I took Protandim for 3 days, and got a horrible headache . I never get headaches.

    I stopped taking it, and the headache went away.

    I think it’s very risky to take this drug without the approval of the FDA.

    1. Sara, Protandim is not a drug it is an all natural supplement. The headache was likely caused because you are not consuming enough water. Take half or take it at night before bed. Drink plenty of water w/a slice of lemon.
      You mention FDA approval. Do you watch television? Then you see that many FDA approved drugs have a long list of very negative side effects that need to be disclosed to the public. Many meds treat one disease and cause another. They are synthetic, not natural, our body wasn’t made to process these chemicals.

      1. If Protandim is a natural supplement, why it is NOT FDA approved? If there are two different brands of natural supplements, one with FDA approved, the other is not; I rather take the one is being approved.

        Since Protandim is a natural supplement, please do NOT compare it with drugs. If you are a diabetes patient, you need to take drug, vitamin supplement won’t do you any good.

        1. Sounds right in theory Janet and according to the experiences of most of Western medicine’s victims.
          We have all become so used to getting sick and then treating the illness that we have forgotten that the real trick is preventing illness in the first place!
          We have bought into the notion that if it is not a DRUG (FDA does not approve herbs-period) approved by people we already don’t trust that we shouldn’t trust it(?)
          When we have over forty PHDs who not only can’t find a problem with Protandim’s claims, but have verified them, ten times, so far (on at the expense of the the colleges and universities which pay them to, who are we listening to that plants the seeds of doubt? What are the credentials of Protandim’s detractors, besides being self-appointed watchdogs of our collective health? How did generations of unprotected non-dupes of big pharma deal with sugar, cholesterol, dementia, skin-cancer, miscarriage and four-hundred-plus other conditions; up and down-regulate their “survival genes” without FDA?Herbs, NOT ONLY TO CURE-BUT PREVENT! If we are to trust Uncle Sam at all, I’ll pick

        2. prescription drugs are no safer for you than an herb. the 3rd highest cause of deaths in the us are from what doctors give us. There are conference calls every tuesday night, where you are free to ask questions and you have real doctors answering your questions. The fda did approve it because it does lower the t-bars in the blood (which is around a $700 test). I have done a lot of homework on this and found there are 5 patents on this product and numerous colleges/hospitals doing studies on it.

  20. VERY few people have side effects, Protandim is an amazing product, seriously, look into this, ignore any overhyped information, simply try it. You’ll love it.

  21. I am 70 years old and I had tremors and they are gone after taking Protandim. I am sleeping better and have more energy. I walk 2 miles every morning at 6:30. My fingernails were splitting and weak, now they are gorgeous and strong. I can walk 18 holes of golf and pull a cart again and no pain the next day. Before I could hardly get out of bed after playing.

    I plan to take it the rest of my life!

  22. Have been taking Protandim for 7 weeks and my workouts and recovery after my workouts have been phenomenal. I can work out harder because I dont get sore. Better sleep, more energy, no dropoff in afternoon. Literally the best product I have ever taken. also not stiff and groggy in morning. I am 42 and had several achy joints and tiredness all the time. believe the hype.

  23. Ive been taking it for three weeks now and I feel great I feel so much better, I walk more now feel more energy than before I actually do twice as good as before I got sick. I have a pacemaker, high blood pressure, cholesterol is high, fibromyalgia really bad cramps from my hip to my anckles, but now i walk the whole walmart without using any electric chair, its wonderful. Not everyone has the same metabolism, everyone is diffrent it works wonders on me, thank you for introducing it to me Dr. Patrick its a miracle pill.

  24. Its a miracle pill,I have a pacemaker,high cholesterol,high bloodpressure, fibromyalgia really bad from my hip to my ankles, now after three weeks taking protandim I feel so much energy,No swelling of the feet,I sleep like a baby i thank Dr. Patrick for introducing me its a blessing, I recommend it not everyone has the same metobolism their bodies are diffrent if it doesnt agree with you dont take it but if it does keep taking it it works wonders.

  25. Started taking Protandim 3 months ago. My knee pain, with knee joint replacement recommended, has almost disappeared. I keep waiting for it to come back, but so far with Protandim, it has not. May be able to put off replacement surgery indefinitely. I can’t recommend this product highly enough. No side effects. My orthopedic surgeon is quite surprised.

  26. I took Protandim for 25 days, and developed severe foot swelling and joint pain in feet and ankles. I stopped taking it and it took almost two weeks for the swelling to go down and the pain to subside. I may give it another try, but I will surely be watching for these symptoms.

  27. I am a qualified herbalist. All the listed ingredients are great herbs that have been well researched and can have very beneficial health outcomes if taken in correct dose and combination FOR THE INDIVIDUAL. This is where the big problem with protamdin and similar products lies. There is also no listed amount of each herb, so you really dont know what you are taking and the formula cannot be adjusted to suit the individuals changing health picture. It is also way overpriced for what it is, you can source the herbs yourself for a fraction of the cost, and know exactly how much you are taking. Better still, get a professional to mix a combination that suits you. Always treat supposed wonder products with great suspicion. Bottom line expensive, unproven scam

    1. Hi g,
      From what I understand it is the blend of the specific amounts of the herbs that create a synergistic effect which allows the supplement to work properly. Too much of one thing and the result is not the same, which is why you cannot buy the herbs separately, pop 5 pills and experience the same effect.

  28. Hi folks,

    I’m a Protandim distributor, and just wanted to take a minute to address those comments from people who experienced headaches after taking Protandim. What you’re likely experiencing is a de-tox headache. As the Protandim regulates the enzymes in the body, there will be a release of toxin buildup and this can cause headaches, nausea, and diarrhea. My recommendation is to take 1/2 caplet of Protandim a day for a week and see if the symptoms subside. If so, then you can go back on a full caplet per day. If the symptoms do not subside, you may indeed be allergic to one of the ingredients in Protandim and will be unable to take it.

    To your health!

  29. Hello there, I found your site by way of Google while looking for a comparable topic, your website got here up, it seems to be good. I have bookmarked to my favourites|added to my bookmarks.

  30. My Mom has tried taking Protandim 3 different times. The first time she developed Veritgo,not sure if it had anything to do with the Protandim. Then she started taking it again and she also started taking Flagyl, she was VERY sick. You’re not supposed to take Flagyl with Milk Thistle.I should have known this, I’m a nurse. Then she started taking it again after her course of Flagyl, this time when she took it she was disoriented, dizzy, had nausea and vomiting. It was REALLY bad; she even fell a couple of times. Her doctor was the one who encouraged her to take Protandim and each time we spoke with his nurse and told them of her symptoms she told me to increase her dose!!! The more she took the worse she felt! She has been off of Protandim for almost 2 weeks now & is almost back to her self. At first she was really encouraged;she felt great,but then things just seemed to go downhill from there. Again, not sure if was a coincidence or not,but she is very reluctant to try it again. Hope others have feel better taking it.

    1. I started Protandim about 8 months ago, and experienced a lot more energy, a lot less confusion, and a lot less pain. Then I too started having dizzy spells. After trips to 3 specialists, I found out online that statins cause dizziness. I quit taking my pravastatin, and the dizziness went away–so I thought that was the end of the problems. NOT. I’ve now discovered that the Protandim is also causing dizziness.

  31. I have always been a believer in natural alternatives. It’s interesting to me how people so blindly do whatever their doctors tell them to but when something as simple and inexpensive as this are so critical and skeptical. All I can say is what do you have to lose? I wanted to know what it was doing for real people that I heard first hand from. I don’t care about proven this and that through this study and that study. If It’s changing peoples health for the better I’m down! I have always taken so many herbs and vitamins its crazy. Now I take protandim. I’m still surprised because I’ve had so many health problems that I take so many things for that I’m still shocked that taking that once a day is really that powerful. So far so good! :) I am a believer because I know it works so now I share my experience and Passion with others and I love it

  32. Also I believe we do have to be careful what we take with it. I think we can overstress our bodies with to many things so we need to listen to what our bodies are telling us.

  33. My other half got on this stuff first and tried to get me to take it. I’m the skeptic, I started reading the negative blogs and was convinced it was a scam, but my wife was not taking no for an answer. I will tell you this, I can’t tell you how much it has done for us, it’s really been amazing and I regret following the wave of the skeptics. I put my mother on it, but it doesn’t agree with her bowels. It’s unfortunate, but some people just appear to be allergic. My conclusion is this, I thank my wife for not giving up on the biggest skeptic she knows.

  34. I’ve taken protandium for about 2 months; it seems to give me more energy and better, clearer, thinking. I asked my cousin to try a bottle. He took it for about 10 days or so and last night he had a reaction to something. Rash on arms, itching, throwing up, and his tongue started swelling. He went to the ER and they told him to stop taking it. Just curious has anyone else had any of these problems with Protandium.

    1. Sounds like he had an allergic reaction to Protandim. Anyone could have this issue with any food, etc. Its just the body’s response to something foreign. He shouldn’t use it anymore like the ER said. It doesn’t mean that its a bad supplement though….hope that helps a little.

  35. I have been reading mixed studies on silymarin (an ingredient in Protandim) Most of the studies say that silymarin should never be taken with hormonal induced cancers. The Protandim website sites one study that says that there is no problem with Protandim stimulating breast, ovary, uterus, etc cancers. I am wondering if someone can explain why there is no problem with the silymarin in Protandim vs all the other warnings about silymarin and these hormonally induced cancers. Is there just one study that the Protandim company has done? Or are there other safety studies. Does the Protandim contain a part of the Milk Thistle that is safe? Is there anyone that really knows the science behind this? I would love to try the supplement but don’t want to take a chance… Thanks

  36. Hi Amy, I read on webMD that milk thistle plant (the leaf) sometimes acts like estrogen and should not be taken by women who have had hormone induced cancers. Protandim contains milk thistle seed which does not act like estrogen according to webMD.

    I have taken Protandim for 2 years and like it. I felt an increase in energy at first now I feel good all the time and sleep good most of the time. I never get sick and don’t get sore after running or working out.

    I got a bad headache the first three days I took it but never really put two and two together until I heard others say they got a headache. I also noticed my heart beating faster at times and I was thirsty after taking it. I wanted to take it so bad that I switched to a half a pill, for a few months. Eventually I started taking a whole pill. I don’t notice my heart beating fast anymore but I’m still a little thirsty after taking protandim.

    1. I’m a LifeVantage distributor with 520 customers, some of whom have been taking the product for over a year. Sexual function and dysfunction mercifully don’t come up a lot, but the few which were mercilessly candid were really happy with what they believe Protandim is doing for their libidos. Except for one lady, in her mid seventies, who is now hiding her husband’s bottle? Mercifully, she didn’t give details, but she also uses True Science and does appear have a lot less wrinkles. Just sayin…
      Having helped over 500 people discover the only way they have ever known of getting back some of their lost vitality and feeling again like they thought they never would for a measly $40 a month-priceless! It was worth coming out of retirement to be able to help people again and has doubled our meager retirement checks in less than a year. It is well worth being considered a MLM pariah to many with bad histories with Network Marketing snake-oil salespeople to make the difference we are making in the lives of so many. 65% of them ARE NOT distributors and 85% of them are willing to shout from the housetops that they will never stop using Protandim. Mercifully and with customary good judgment, they will not be yelling all the (eew!) details.

      1. I just had my first meeting. My neighbors (80+), wanted a pill right away. My distributer was happy to ablige him. I am excited about helping people have a better quality of life and Protandim seems to do that. I have been in MLMs, but this one is way different than the others. It consist of 2 products…not get rich quick…at a reasonable price. I hope to have the same humor and joy after my 500th customer…great post, very encouraging…

  37. I have been taking Protandim for a week. I am a very healthy person, exercise daily, eat well, get good sleep 7-8 hours. This whole week I feel low energy, headaches? Do other people feel this way? Does this go away?


    1. One of the Drs who have become distributors of Protandim in Tampa FL has over 500 of his patients on the product. He tells them before they start to use it for three months or not at all. We know it works 100% of the time on 100% of mammals to reduce oxidative stress on a cellular level from 40 to 70%. It’s not a “try it and see” trial but a “use it and see how it manifests in your particular situation.” trial with predictable outcomes for any animal that can fog a mirror.
      None of his 500+ or my 560+users has complained of any problems beyond more cleansing effect than a very, very few are comfortable with or that it shouldn’t be taken within two hours of drinking green tea. Protandim contains green tea in the proper proportion to achieve synergy with the other ingredients and shouldn’t be added to until the liver has done its thing.
      Apart from those two situations, I know of no documented adverse effects from any who are not grinding on their own axes for fun and profit, or using the name Protandim to sell whatever else the name could garner them enough interest in to sell or promote. Four patents, ten peer reviews, half a million users-puleeeze!
      Get a new whipping-boy that doesn’t have enough science to make nay-Sayers look really suspicious and arguably very self-serving.
      People who don’t use Protandim are not avoiding it because of what they know that we don’t but what we know that they won’t take the time to learn.

  38. Need info on giving to teens and younger…particularly regarding ADHD and autism. Have seen some kids could really use it if it is feasible at their age…

  39. Does Protandim increase blood sugar levels during the early stages of taking it? I have been on it for about a week. I have noticed that my blood sugar level in the AM has risen from 90-100 to about 12o-25.

  40. I have personally just a few days ago met two wonderful women who helped their child, and grandchild with autism and it was such an amazing story to hear! I do believe that they started in half doses and at least one of them hid it in applesauce.. can’t remember if they both did or not. But in BOTH cases the children, under 6 if I remember right, showed marked improvment in just a few days! Going from being distant, not making eye contact, wanting to be alone and not talking much and exhibiting fear of water in one case.. to making better sentences, eye contact, hugging and walking near a pool that the child always avoided. Both stories were nothing short of amazing and improved over a period of time. Neither of the women regrets putting their children on this supplement and is over the moon for what it has done for their families.. this should be a testament to the ability of this amazing increase Glutathione! I am a new distributor and this brought tears to my eyes.. the possibilities are endless on how this can change people’s lives..:)

    1. I have a son with Tourette Syndrome. He is 35 and also diagnosed with ADD, BiPolar, and Schitzophrenia as well as oppositional disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD). He can hardly keep a job and cannot find a proper medication to address ALL of his neurological discorders. But he is a surviver…I am hoping that Protadim can releave him of some of these stresses…I always thought, eventhough never diagnosed, that he had some form of Autism. I will let you know how it works for him…

  41. I have become a distributor of Protandim after being on it for a couple of months. I would like to first of all say that true science cream cleared my psoriasis up in just over a month. I had serious issues with insomnia, being an introvert, fibromyalgia, migraines, and a fatty tumor. In the first week of using it, I was able to sleep a full night in more than 4 years. My memory has gotten a lot better, I also have not had a migraine since the day before my first pill. I did notice some discomfort in my stomach, wore down kind of feeling, but that only lasted for a couple of days. PEOPLE, you get these “side effects” because your body is purging the toxins. They do not last forever! My mother put true science on a huge wart that she’s had for years and years…. within two weeks, it shrank to half it’s size. For all the skeptics, I was in the same shoes as you are right now. I thought, one bottle will not kill me, but it made me feel wonderful. Best part of it all, it is all natural :)

  42. i was in the washington DC for a week a friend of mine gave me a pack of protandim to try and the results are amazing, i had a lot of rushes coming out on my skin and i feel better in strength, only wondering how i can start distributing the product among my friends here in Kenya

  43. Hi! My good friend that I trust very much is selling Protandim and have been taking it for 4 days and have started to have some side effects, achy, headache, swollen throat, nausea and some dizziness. Maybe I am just sick with the fly but I don’t think so because it feels different than that. I may start taking a half dose and see if that works better. I have had tendonitis for over a year now and am hoping it helps with that issue. Im willing to push through the symptoms if I can get the strength back in my arms and hands again. I will update you all again after a month.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Any information you provide may help someone else make an educated decision on whether or not to pursue the Protandim opportunity. As for your symptoms, if they get any worse I’d seek a medical professional.

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