Team Beachbody Scam? – Let’s Take An Unbiased Look At The Team Beachbody Opportunity

Is Team Beachbody a Scam or a legitimate business?

I just want to start by saying that I have first hand knowledge of not only the products that Team beachbody offers, but experience with the compensation plan as well.  You see, I was a rep for them for a time.  My business goals changed and we parted ways on good terms.

During my research before becoming a coach I found the myth of the Team Beachbody Scam to be untrue.

But I don’t want you to simply take my word for it.  I want to reveal the truth about this company.

The facts surrounding the Team Beachbody Scam……

The company is a health and fitness network marketing company.  They also use a great deal of traditional advertising to support their reps which are called “coaches.”  When you reach a certain level in the company you actually get customers and distributors placed in your downline from the company – a very good perk.

Team Beachbody ReviewTheir primary products are the fitness programs like P90X and Insanity to name a couple.  I am an ACE certified personal trainer and Firefighter so I have some knowledge and experience here.  These programs are legit and will challenge people at many levels of fitness.  They are like all workout routines.  If you do them as prescribed you will get results.  Many people who claim the “Team Beachbody Scam” do so based on these programs not delivering the results as promised.  Again, these individuals are making excuses for not getting off their butts and getting the work done.

Team Beachbody also has a line of supplements which is headed up by their flagship product Shakeology.  Shakeology has a ton of great nutrients as well as protein and good carbs from plant sources.  It is definitely a premier product and great for anyone who can afford it.  That being said a month supply costs $120 dollars.  From a business standpoint this is a fairly high price that would need to be sold to a small niche within the health and weightloss niches.  If you’re in business as a coach then you should target people like firefighters, trainers, and anyone who is very serious about their health and willing to invest in it.

Well, what about the Team Beachbody Scam in the business model then?

The intial investment to become a coach is $39.95 with a 30-day money back guarantee.  This is actually much less than the initial start-up costs for most network marketing models.  This cost usually ranges from $200-$1000.  So, low start-up cost is a plus.

The second major aspect of the Team Beachbody business that is different from most is that they do no require any minimum of products to be purchased.  There is no auto-ship.  This can be a double-edged sword.  It means you don’t end up with a garage full of unused product if you don’t need that much of it.  It also means that in order to succed in this business model you must constantly be retailing product.  This may be a benefit for some and a hinderance for others.  I personally do not like sales.  I also automate as much of my business as possible.  This makes me lean toward liking the auto-ship concept as a business owner.

If Team Beachbody isn’t a Scam then how do you make money?

Two ways:

1.  Retail products

2.  Sponsor coaches who retail products.

Here are the ranks for Team Beachbody coaches:

Coach – has established a Team Beachbody Coach account.

Emerald Coach – is Active, has met the Emerald PV requirements of 50 PV and has one (1) personally sponsored Active Coach (or higher) on his right and left legs.

Ruby Coach – is Active, has a minimum of 75 PV, and has one (1) personally sponsored Active Emerald Coach (or higher) on each of his right and left legs, plus one (1) additional Active Coach on each of his left and right legs.

Diamond Coach – is Active, has a minimum of 100 PV, and has one (1) personally sponsored Active Emerald Coach (or higher) on each of his right and left legs, plus three (3) additional Active Coaches on each of his left and right legs.

Team Cycle Bonus example:

In this example, an Emerald Coach has accumulated Team Volume of 540 TV in their strong leg and 200 TV in their weak leg.

Left Leg Right Leg

<200 TV> <100 TV> Cycle #1

<200 TV> <100 TV> Cycle #2

140 TV 0 TV

Cycle Values

Emerald Coaches earn $14 per Cycle

Ruby Coaches earn $16 per Cycle

Diamond and Star Diamond Coaches earn $18 per Cycle

The company also offers a matching bonus based on the number of cycles your personally sponsored coaches achieve.  Coaches can earn a matching bonus on the Team Cycle Bonuses earned by your personally sponsored Coaches. Ruby Coaches earn a 5% matching bonus. Diamond and Star Diamond Coaches earn a 10% matching bonus.

There are more bonuses when you get to the higher ranks in the compensation plan.  Clearly, by now you can see that Team Beachbody is not a Scam.  It is a legitimate business that actually helps people be healthier when it is done right.

The biggest downside of this model for me is that all of your profits are based on people on your team actually going out and selling product in addition to their personal use.

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 Hopefully I’ve added value to anyone who is a Team Beachbody coach or who is someone looking into the opportunity.

Please leave me your thoughts about this business or anything else for me and share this with all your friends!

To your success,

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